Dave Nee Foundation Events

The Dave Nee Foundation hosts an annual gala every fall in New York City. Whether direct contributions from individual donors or sponsorships from corporations, the proceeds from this event fund all of our year-round programming and grants. To learn more about our 2013 gala, please visit here.  Visit here to learn more about our 2012 and 2011 galas.

The Dave Nee Foundation also hosts a Summer Trivia night as a fun way for lawyers and law students to compete for bragging rights and cool prizes while learning about the Foundation's unique program, Uncommon Counsel, which seeks to raise awareness of depression and the risk of suicide among lawyers and law students and the effectiveness of treatment.  The Law Firm Challenge Trivia Night will help educate lawyers on the importance of making sure they and their peers stay mentally healthy in a fun and enjoyable manner. Trivia Night is open to teams of summer associates, partners, and practicing lawyers from law firms and other companies throughout the New York City area.  Each team may consist of as many players as you choose (though 4-5 persons per team is recommended) and each firm or company can sponsor as many players as it would like. For more information, please contact Annie Farrenkopf at afarrenkopf@daveneefoundation.org. Learn more about Trivia Night in New York City and Washington D.C.